Ultra HD LED Display
With Super Contrast, High refresh rates, High Grey Scale and Full HD Processing, the Ultra HD LED Display meets the high standards of perfection needed. In addition, improved multi-function lockers support self-locking, connection and fine tuning to achieve seamless splicing and easy and fast installation.
The main criterion for use of this type of LED Display Screen is the requirement of high standards of perfectly engineered cabinets needed for very close viewing distance. The main features of EverGlow -Small Pixel LED Display Screens are
  • Ultra Perfection Aluminum Diecast Cabinet)
  • Precision Alignment(Spicing Gap < 0.02mm.
  • Ultra Light Weight.
  • Low Brightness & High Grey Grade.
  • More Energy Saving.
  • Wide Color Gamut.
  • Seamless & Frame-less.
  • Ultra High Refresh Rate.
  • Including: PH1.56, PH1.875, PH2.5.
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Ultra HD LED Display
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