Outdoor LED Display
The LED outdoor display screen is extensively used in outdoor hoardings and bill boards, live stage events, hotel and mall exterior, stadiums score boards and runner boards and for the beautification of the exterior of commercial as well as residential apartments.
The main criterion for use of this type of LED Display screen is long distance viewing, exposure to direct sunlight and other weather conditions. The main features of EverGlow LED Outdoor Display Screens are
  • Prevents the impacts of oblique sunshine upon the LEDs, prolongs the service life of the LEDs, and brings an excellent display effect.
  • High-temperature spray technology: can greatly increase the capability of rust-proof.
  • Module plainness: ≤ ±0.2mm
  • Super uniformity in color.
  • Use wave soldering technology for circuit board, prevent from humidity and oxidation, can extend its use life.
  • Use high efficiency switching power supply, reduce failure rate of power supply.
  • Silica gel is filled and embedded on the front face of the display module, and the all-door structural design protects the LED display from water, dust, and corrosion. Special paint is applied to the screen circuit, thus protecting the screen from water, dust, and corrosion.
  • Passes IP65 waterproof and dustproof tests.
  • Flexible to work under different climate condition, can work normally in all harsh environment, such as strong wind, sandstorm, high temperature, low temperature, dryness, rainstorm, and so on.
  • Including: PH3.91, PH4, PH4.8, PH5.93, PH6, PH8, PH10.
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