LED Curtain or LED Mesh Display
The LED mesh display is light weight, thin structured and easy to install according to modern building needs and the characteristics of the stage intelligent optical lighting design. This new type of display product combined with LED electronic display technology, professional design and manufacture new-style outdoor LED display makes it suitable for media applications on the building surface or the stage area such as the large video display.
EverGlow LED Mesh Display has the following features:
  • Including: P31.25, P37.5, P25x50, P50, P55 etc.
  • Adopts modular design, easy installation and maintenance.
  • Designed in aluminum structure, the weight is only a third of the traditional LED Display.
  • Using transparent screen designed, does not affect body ventilation and rear lighting, lighting uniformity, low windage resistance.
  • Do not require any auxiliary radiator, natural cooling, noiseless and energy saving.
  • Best solution to large scale display for high architectures.
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LED Curtain or LED Mesh Display